Oh please no. I just wanted to say that we’re– I’m back. As usual, progress is still the same as I left it, no translated lines or whatsoever but I’m hoping to make some (progress).

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Pic is from innocent bullet.

Pic is from innocent bullet.

Hello world. Being a quiet person myself, I will make this post short. I just want to say that there hasn’t been any progress since last month. So yeah, life has been putting things in a roundabout and I can’t do shit. First reason is I’m in college and now in my major year and unless you’re not dense you probably know what I’m experiencing right now while writing this post. Second reason is I can’t find time to translate. That’s probably it, I still have the passion to translate and do Concerto but time doesn’t allow me to.

Progress is the same as last month no new translated lines or whatsoever :( It’s really sad for me to do this project alone. Still, I think it’s better if I don’t get any help from others from now. I know some of you are pretty willing to help and that really puts a smile on my face. But yeah, I think that would only work if I have the time to entertain others. So until I get the time, this project is pretty much dead for now.

See you soon :)

- mayoi

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Just wanted to say that I finally finished Sayori’s route so that’s 3 routes down for us ( Wakana, Shirayuki, Sayori ). I wanted to take a break but I guess that’s out of the question for now, I might sort the scripts later since I tl’ed them thoughtlessly so I might have changed file names or whatsoever. Fortunately, few people volunteered to help us out on editing.

Thank you for the patience derps, I really didn’t expect this to be this hard. Hurdles come and go.

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It’s that time of the year again to post something to get you guys posted. I’m pretty much done with Sayori’s route and planning to take a break for now. I’m very sorry for the very slow pacing, it really makes me agitated on some point. Well, that’s what I get for working alone in the dusk. We’ll get there bros, we’ll get there *insert brofist here*.

If you guys have any questions, I do answer them on our channel #sanaimouto@rizon. Expect a very late reply though since I’m often away from keyboard.

Have a great day ahead of you :)

- mayoi

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Guys at AngryFox is going to continue Dead Soul Revolver.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for any 4-koma mangas to translate. If you guys have something in your dirty mind, just comment below.

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